Crayola Printables

I just had to share this with you guys. I have found this amazing free printable site where you can source loads of amazing colouring sheets and activities for your little ones totally free!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Crayola. (We are not sponsored by them. Unfortunately 😉) We have always used their art materials. The kids especially love these pens which are an absolute staple in our unschooling arsenal and so I was super excited to find their site.

There are lots of ways to browse the site. Under the section colouring pages and crafts, you will find lots of amazing freebies from colouring and activity sheets to art techniques and DIY craft ideas. I was blown away by the number of choices there were and you can even search by holidays and project ideas too!

We use an HP Envy printer at home and thanks to their Instant Ink service we save a fortune on our printing costs. From as little as £1.99 per month you can print our 50 full colour A4 pictures, even full photos! Aside from the monetary savings it's time-saving too. With literally no input from me the printer knows when it's running low on ink and orders some more to be shipped out to us, pretty neat huh? All we have to do is pop the used cartridges in the supplied box and post them back for recycling. 

The kids absolutely loved being involved and getting to choose the items that they wanted to have printed off. I even found some adult colouring-in sheets for myself! We all had an amazing afternoon of printing and colouring and creating. Here is a little video of the fun we got up to. Thanks, Crayola, you really knocked this one out of the park. We hope you guys get as much enjoyment out of this as we did. We certainly will be making this our go-to for craft ideas from now on. Enjoy!

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